We Are Avintaquin

We are Avintaquin, an L.A. based band made up of three siblings, Hyrum, Grace, and Liam Peatross.  Avintaquin is the name of the place where our Great Grandfather's ranch was located near our childhood home in Utah. To us, the name Avintaquin represents our heritage, our love for our family and the land.

The three of us grew up with 5 other siblings on a farm in rural Utah working hard and running free. We spent our days listening to our mother read Shakespeare and C.S. Lewis, exploring the outdoors, putting on plays, and making movies. Raised on a steady diet of Classical music with some 80's music and Simon & Garfunkel thrown in for good measure, we developed a love for music early on. All three of us were trained on the violin at a young age using the Suzuki method which helped strengthen our gift for playing by ear. 

Although we were homeschooled we took part in the local school's musical theater productions which further increased our love for singing and acting. Even though we are shy by nature, our favorite thing to do is to make people laugh. 

In 2014 we met and began working with the renowned vocal teacher, Debra Bonner. It was her belief in our talent that encouraged us to chase the dream of becoming actors and singers and moving to L.A.  Our love for songwriting was ignited through the Hollywood Launch program as well as working with our songwriting mentors Rich Parkinson. and Brittany Burton. 

We just finished recording our first album which is due to be fully released on March 31, 2020. Four of the songs from the album, "Love", "Roots", "Ravine",  and "Cerebellum" are already available on all streaming platforms.

We have also collaborated with artists Mylo Vango, Dallin McKay, and Makayla Phillips. 

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